Sarah Spence and Muriel

New Zealand

Muriel is an intuitive singer and composer who has toured the UK and Ireland with author Neale Donald Walsch and performed for spiritual gatherings including Amma’s Darshan. She is completing a Master’s Degree on how music affects consciousness to create healing states.

Sarah is a singer and kirtan artist who has shared music across NZ, Australia, Canada and Japan. Her yoga background and Medicine Woman studies in NZ Shamanism have allowed her voice to soar with even more freedom, touching listeners of all ages.

Workshop Description

Join Muriel and Sarah to explore sound healing principles and deeper ways of receiving the healing and centering benefits of sound. Much of this workshop will be experiential with voice, crystal singing bowls and other healing sound to create deep meditative space and connection with the Divine within. Take the opportunity to rest in a sense of wholeness in alignment with divine truth.

Workshop Description