Sarsha Hope and DJ ISMOS

New Zealand


From ancient rhythms, organic soundscapes to deep electronic beats ISMOS will take you on a sonic journey to remember. Venture into a fluidly blended lush forest of sound and let the universal dance take over. ISMOS has been bringing his unique groove to transformational festivals & Ecstatic Dance floors around the world helping his listeners move deeper into their own rhythm & heart. 

Sarsha Hope

Sarsha is a deeply practiced, experienced facilitator & teacher of movement therapies. She has explored embodied movement & dance for over 30 years and has been actively teaching for 18.  Her teachings fluidly blends her wealth of experience from embodied flow, open floor, 5 rhythms, yoga, tantra & theta healing to create a truly unique offering. She is wildly passionate about guiding the opportunity for students to dive deep into the souls’ inner waters to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and they're interconnectivity to the whole. Sarsha wholeheartedly believes that it is from this place that true change can happen, in our own lives and on the planet.

Workshop Description

Journey through the layers of self from the micro to the macro. Ecstatic Flow encourages self-transformation by dropping into the primal intelligence of the body through open free-form movement & dance. From stillness to ecstasy, this age old practice of self-actualisation, gives those fragmented parts of self a movement and expression. Join us in this ancient ceremony of the soul as we release limiting belief patterns to awaken deeper levels of our infinite empowered potential.

Workshop Description