Tantra Beyond Eros

north island
north island
Kia Ora
My name is Yonatan, I am originally from Israel , I am a Hatha and Tantra Yoga teacher , Emotional Release therapist using tools that I acquired during my journey around the world from Israel, India, Thailand, Australia and Aotearoa.
I am inspired to help people find an authentic connection with the deepest parts of their being, and from that space to engage with life and connect with other people.
Workshop Description
We will awaken the life force energy in our body and learn how to explore our energies. Than, we will explore a deep energetic connection between us and a partner in the group, to have the opportunity to give and receive unconditional love, healing, perhaps eros and life to life connection (no sexual touch) between the two. Finally we will create a web of connection as a group to experience us all as one big being united together.
* this workshop might be confronting and might require from you to step out of your comfort zone
*The space will be held as sacred and will welcome all of what is present for you at the moment
* Boundaries are essential and will be talked in the workshop.
Workshop Description