The Maca Experts

Dr Corin Storkey (New Zealand) and Sally Huapaya (Peru) are partners who work in collaboration with a farming family in the Andes and the Jungle of Peru. Their farm to table model preserves the ancient cultivation techniques, the culture and history of maca and cacao and connects consumers directly to their farm, community and sacred spirits of the plants. They also study both plants with university links in New Zealand and provide workshops to connect the sacred traditions with modern science.

Workshop Description

During this workshop we will take you through the complexities of how stress impacts on the balance in our gut - body - brain and the role the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays in returning balance and harmony back to our health. We will discuss ways to activate our endocannabinoids both directly and indirectly and the pros and cons of each. Showcasing cannabis and maca as two different plants that can activate the ECS, how they do so and the benefits of using each or both in combination. Learn about how modern science is now making sense of ancient Peruvian traditions related to the ECS and living well.

Workshop Description

For 2000 years the people of the remote mountain region of Junin in the Andes have consumed a sacred medicinal root vegetable called Maca for the management of stress and to promote vitality, balance and well-being. Boasting some of the happiest and healthiest people on the planet we share the secrets of their most prized medicinal plant and take you on a journey into it's origins, production, uses, science, traditions and healing properties. Hosted by Dr Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya - a young New Zealand and Peruvian couple who are founders and directors of The Maca Experts. They live and work part-time in Peru with their maca farmer and community and run annual spiritual retreats to connect with them in Peru. Join us for an experience with maca and share in its sacredness.