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north island
Adam Robertson is an Intuitive Spiritual Coach working with clients internationally in the realms of Leadership, Energetics & Business!
From 1:1's, to Mentorships, Ceremonies, Retreats, and Twerking all around NZ - Adam is able to connect you into a deeper state of being, evolved consciousness and guide you into regulating your emotions and nervous system. Multifaceted, Energetic, and Grounded in the human, Adam's mission is to leave a legacy and guide you into yours!
Workshop Description
Twerkwerk is the newest creation by Adam Robertson blending twerk styles and Breathwork together!
This FUN & FABULOUS workshop is all about releasing them hips, aligning the body, being present in the breath, and overall, HAVING FUN!
This is for ANYONE from beginners, to expert twerkers! On that note, you might not even know what twerking is, and that's okay!
95% of our trauma is held within our hips, pelvis, womb, and sacral space, and when we are able to come out of the rigidity, loosen up this area, and combine it with a powerful pyscho-sensory modality such as Breathwork, you're helping the body to shift energy and release trauma that you've been suppressing.
Workshop Description
This powerful Breathwork workshop is all about transmuting grief into love through the ability to safely express ourselves within our relationships. This is for individuals, couples, families and all! Where you'll be taken through a powerful grief transmission where you let go of judgement, anger, pain or hurt that you may hold towards someone, followed by a love transmission sharing the gratitude you hold for this person and finally we breathe, connect and embody our new state of being through holotropic Breathwork.